As you already know, Fifa 15, the new hit of EASports, is now available for sale. There are many things I want to tell you about this game and I have decided to start including in this post which in my opinion are the best players Fifa 15 career mode .

I have always been a Fifa follower, and although I am very critical sometimes, it is one of my favorite games, especially the Ultimate Team and career mode (also known as GM or Fifa 15 manager mode).

In Fifa 15 career mode you will choose the club you prefer and you will be responsible for its growth management signing players, looking for promising young promises, renewing contracts and obviously creating lineups and playing matches.

You will also be in charge of the financial figures, so you will need to ensure you have enough budget for signing players and paying wages.

 Fifa 15 career mode

Obviously, signing stars like Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar for your club in Fifa 15 career mode is a guarantee of success, however, you also have the possibility of signing young players with huge potencial you will make grow while playing matches.

For me this second option is much more fun, signing future stars at a very low cost, make them improve in every match and in a few years you will receive big offers from other teams to recruit their services.

This year EASports has increased the price for signing some players if we compare to Fifa 14, so you will need to sign the best players Fifa 15 career mode gradually as you are saving money.

Another option is to start Fifa 15 career mode with a team which has a high budget or request the loan of some players for a season prior to your purchase. In this post I have included the list of teams with more budget Fifa 15 (spanish).

Here below I am including the best players Fifa 15 career mode under 22 years old and with huge potential. I also specify my cost of signing, however be aware that the price will vary depending on how well and when you negotiate:

 Fifa 15 career mode

Scuffet (Udinese): 18 years old. It is the most promising goalkeeper. He starts the Fifa 15 career mode with an average of 71 but he has an excellent potential and he can exceed 87. Perfect behaviour in air balls, good placement and great reflexes. Price: € 2.4 million

Varane (Real Madrid): 21 years old. Physically superior, he is really quick and agile considering its 1.91 meters tall. He has also enough talent to get the ball played. Potential: 88. Price: € 14 million.

Marquinhos (PSG): 20 years old. With 1,83 meters tall he is the shortest of the 3 center backs, however he is a good header too and he is really fast. Playing with 3 defenders always involves taking some risks but these are minimized with Marquinhos. Potential: 86. Price: € 16 million.

Laporte (Athletic de Bilbao): 20 years old. Strong, good header and a great left foot. Versatile to play also as left back. Potential: 88. Price: € 16 million.

Pogba (Juventus): 21years old. He has everything, strength, intensity, good shot and 4 star skills and weak foot. For sure he is one of the best players Fifa 15 career mode. I’m sure he will not disappoint you. Potential: 89. Price: 25 million.

Malanda (Wolfsburg): 19 years old. Together with Pogba in midfield you will form an impenetrable wall that will help you to limit the risk of playing with just 3 defenders. Good additions to attack and good shot. Potential: 85. Price: € 8 million.

Depay (PSV): 20 years old. Dominating the left wing of the squad, quick, agile, and this year also 5 star skilled. Just 2 stars weak foot but every euro invested on his signing is worth it. Potential: 88. Price: € 30 million.

Sterling (Liverpool): 19 years old. A bullet for the right wing of the team and 4 star skilled. With Depay and Sterling in the winds no opponent will stop you, they are 2 of the best players Fifa 15 career mode. Potential: 86. Price: € 16 million.

Muniain (Athletic de Bilbao): 21 years old. Constant danger for the opponent due to his speed and dribbling, great dynamism to open the opposing defense. Potential: 85. Price: € 25 million.

Quintero (Oporto): 21 years old. One of the biggest surprises of Fifa 15 manager mode, high class, very good passing and shooting. He is the perfect CAM. Potential: 86. Price: € 25 million.

Morata (Juventus): 22 years old. The best and most complete striker I’ve tried. Pretty fast, strong, good finisher. I miss one or two more stars in skills. Potential: 85 Price: € 8 million. Edit: Batshuayi is also an excellent choice, approx. € 10 million.

You can also see below the best players Fifa 15 career mode using Ultimate Team cards (futhead squad creator), remember that the colored stripes of chemistry only affect the Ultimate Team mode, not the career mode so don´t pay attention to them:

 Fifa 15 career mode

If you liked this team, check this other squad with the best young players under 20 years old and great potential. Check also here some useful tips to start Fifa 15 career mode in the best way!

Have you already tried the best players Fifa 15 career mode? Do you recommend me any other young talent?

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