I shared with you some time days ago very useful tips for Fifa 14 career mode. Today I am telling you the best team Fifa 14 career mode in my opinion (update: check here best players Fifa 15 career mode).

Signing excellent players already consolidated as Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar is usually a warranty of success, however, career mode offers you the possibility of signing young players that you will make improve giving them minutes in every match you play.

Signing this kind of players at a very low cost is really gratifying for me, seeing them improve in every match and in a few years the best teams in the world will make big money offers to get their services.

In the image below you can find the best team Fifa 14 career mode at a really low cost. If you are not able to contract all of them I recommend you to try at least the following best players career mode:

Jack Butland: best goalkeepeer in the career mode. He starts with an average of just 74 but he has a great potential until 85. I am completely sure he will not disappoint you and he will give you many points due to his saves. A nightmare for the opponent strikers.

Marquinhos: Shaw and Zouma are excellent defenders but my favorite is Marquinhos. Despite the fact that with his 183cm tall is the shortest of all of the three, he is a fantastic header and is really fast. Playing just with three defenders means running high risks, however with Marquinhos these risks are minimized. He has a potential of 89.

Kovacic: my suggestion for midfielders. Kovacic is going to provide the balance you need for your team, to defend and to attack. He has an excellent shot with both legs and 4 star skills. Potential of 86, I am sure he will be one of your favorite players.

Draxler: difficult decission for CAM position. It is so funny to play with Bakkali, really fast with 4 star skills and weak foot, however he has a lack of strength to fight with stronger defenders. Julian Draxler is a superstar , with a potential of 86 and 4 star skills, nevertheless I would highlight his 5 star weak foot. This player is a MUST for the best team Fifa 14 career mode.

You will not find a better kick with both legs, in passes or shots. He is the most complete player of the whole team.

Jesé: my striker. You can possibly find another striker with higher potential, speed, skills or shot, however you will check how good Jesé uses his potential of 83 with a more than acceptable speed, 4 star skills and a high quality header.

This is the best team Fifa 14 career mode set with Ultimate Team cards using the Squad Creator of  futhead:

Best team Fifa 14 career mode

I hope you will check these players for the best team Fifa 14 career mode because I am completely sure you will not be disappointed. did you fing another young superstar?отдых на майских праздниках 2015панельные дома с доставкойcar seat cover bmw x3проверка связи интернетаReplay VV134no-drink