In this edition EASports has raised the acquisition price of many of the best young players Fifa 15 career mode so I decided to share with you which are the best young players in Fifa 15 to sign for your team.

Some weeks ago I included in this post the best team for Fifa 15 career mode, but due to the high budget needed to sign all of them, this time I am including a team which is much more affordable and suitable for all budgets.

Best of all is that, despite its low price, you will check the high class of every player building a really competitive team which will help you to achieve all your goals.

They are also very young and with great potential, which is why they are the best young players Fifa 15 career mode, all of them are under 20 years old.

I have included the estimated maximum potential based on how they performed in my team, but you know that depending on the matches they play and the valuations they get the players can evolve in different ways.

Their purchase price of these best young players Fifa 15 career mode will also vary depending on the moment you to try their recruitment and your negotiation skills. I recommend you to sign the players in the first season because every season the price will increase.

Try to negotiate a good price, what I do is offering half of the price the other team requires and increase my offer little by little until the counterparty accepts.

A good choice if you are short of funds is to loan a player for a season, you will only pay the salary for the year.

These are in my opinion the best young players Fifa 15 career mode:

Best young players Fifa 15 career mode

Paul Nardi (AS Nancy): 20 years old. He is very safe on high balls and with excellent reflexes. Potential: 83 Price: € 3.5 million.

Tin Jedvaj (Bayer 04 Leverkusen): 19 years old. A surprise to the right side, he can also play as a CB.

He is fast, strong and totally reliable. His potential can seem a bit low but he really looks like a potential higher than 80. Potential: 78 Price: € 1.2 million.

José Giménez (Atlético de Madrid): 19 years old. He is a bull, fast and strong. One of the best young players Fifa 15 career mode in the center of the defense. He can also play as RB. Potential: 86 Price: € 1.5 million.

Nathan Ake (Chelsea): 19 years old. Ake was already one of my favorites defenses in Fifa 14 and he remains in Fifa 15.

He has a good intensity and he is really hard to pass. Potential: 82 Price: € 2.5 million.

Khodzhaniyazov (Zenit St. Petersburg): 18 years old. Very cheap with great potential. Besides he can also play as a CB, he is fast and strong. Potential: 86 Price: € 1.2 million.

Levin Öztunali (Bayer 04 Leverkusen): 18 years old. Great ball-winner with class to start attacking moves. Potential: 84 Price: € 2.3 million.

Bilal Ould-Chikh (FC Twente): 17 years old. One of my favorite players this year. He reminds me of the Fifa 14 Bakkali. He is really fast and 4 star skilled. Potential: 84 Price: € 3 million.

Iuri Medeiros (Sporting Lisbon): 20 years old. He is the perfect couple to Ould-Chikh on the left side of the attack. Potential: 83 Price: € 3 million.

Best young players Fifa 15 career mode

Fares Bahlouli (Olympique Lyon): 19 years old. He is the brain of the team in offensive tasks, high class to penetrate the opposing defense, good shot and excellent pass to supply balls to the strikers. Potential: 84 Price: € 2 million.

Donald Bréel Embolo (Basel): 17 years old. Very fast and and a killer in the counterattacks. Good header. I’m sure you will be surprised, he is one of the best young players Fifa 15 career mode. Potential: 85 Price: € 2.4 million.

Richairo Zivkovic (Ajax): 18 years old. He is a little bit more expensive than the other players but he is worth it. Sign him asap because his price rises a lot every season.

He is very fast and skilled despite his 1.87 meters tall. Potential: 86 Price: € 6 million.

As you can see they are all very young players with great potential and a very affordable price. I encourage you to try them because I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

If you liked this post I recommend you to take a look here at my new series of posts with the best young players Fifa 15 with such a great potential that they overcome the maximum rating informed in specialized websites like sofifa or futhead.

In this first post of the series with the best young players Fifa 15 you will find an amazing striker reaching a rating of 92 and a powerful CB, none of them will disappoint you.

Have you already tried the best young players Fifa 15 career mode? do you recommend me any other player?

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