In this post I want to share with you the best cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15 for Liga BBVA.

It is quite difficult to start the first seasons in Fifa 15 Ultimate Team with a team of bronze players so it is necessary to have competitive players as soon as possible. That is why I am writing several posts recommending the best cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15 for world major leagues.

I have enclosed my purchase price of the players but be aware that prices fluctuate from one day to the other mainly due to users who trade with cards in Ultimate Team.

The prices also change depending on the day and time, in my case I can say that in general I have paid lower prices buying cards during the working days rather than weekends when there are more people connected and bidding at auctions so do this to get the best cheap players Ultimate Team at lowest price.

EASports has made available to us at this link a web application that allows us to access our Ultimate Team and buy and sell players and consumables from everywhere, no need to have access to the console.

Well, let´s see who are the best cheap players Fifa 15 Ultimate Team for Liga BBVA:

cheap players ultimate team fifa 15

Keylor Navas (Real Madrid): fantastic reflexes in the hand to hand with striker and safe in high balls and long shots. This goalkeeper is one of my favorite cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15 in Liga BBVA. Price: 400 coins.

De Marcos (Athletic Club de Bilbao): right back very fast and with great physical and stamina. He shows good perfomance in offensive tasks and ball handling. One of the best cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15. Price: 900 coins.

Balenziaga (Athletic Club de Bilbao): left back good performance in both defense and attack, with 4 stars of weak foot, he is able to able to put good air balls in the area on their offensive additions. Price: 350 coins.

Mathieu (FC Barcelona): Center back without highlighting in anything but good at everything. He is a good header with acceptable speed. Due to the great weight that has the speed in Fifa 15 it is recommended to apply to both CBs a chemistry card which increases this attribute. Price: 900 coins.

Iñigo Martínez (Real Sociedad): really safe center back in all his interventions, good header, and enough speed and strength to struggle with strikers, but be careful to struggle inside the area because in Fifa 15 it is easy to be punished with a penalty. Price: 450 coins.

Iturra (Granada CF): defensive midfielder (CDM) with a good defensive balance, stamina and 4 star weak foot. He is able to get many steals and to iniciate the counterattack. He is one of my favorite cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15 Liga BBVA. Price: 350 coins.

Alhassane Bangoura (Rayo Vallecano): in my opinion one of the great revelations of this year and one of the best cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15 for Liga BBVA. His speed, ball handling and 4 star skills will allow you to pass your opponent on the right side. A little more expensive than other players but it is worthy. Price: 700 coins.

Amrabat (Malaga CF): The ideal complement to Bangoura on the left side, acceptable speed, good dribbling and good crosses into the area. Price: 650 coins.

Rafinha (FC Barcelona): The brain of the team and one of the best cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15 for Liga BBVA. Fantastic assists and through balls to the strikers, 4 star skilled and a more than aceptable shot with both legs. Price: 350 coins.

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez (Real Madrid): the perfect striker, good speed, good dribbling and good definition. He lacks a bit of strength and long shot. Price: 1,000 coins.

Uche (Villarreal CF): The scorer and star of the team, very fast with good dribbling and good shot and header. No doubt he is one of the best cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15. Price: 700 coins.

Total cost of the team: 6,750 coins.

 cheap players ultimate team fifa 15

As you see, this is a very affordable team and you will be able to sign all the players in your first season of Ultimate Team. You will find that despite its low cost this is a very complete and competitive team.

Remember that if you have experience in previous editions of Fifa you will have unlocked elements in the Catalogue. Among them, in the Ultimate Team section you will find additional rewards up to 1,000 coins for a limited number of matches that are very useful in these first seasons to complete a competitive squad.

Have you already tried these players? Do you recommend me other cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15? Leave your comments !!

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