I want to continue today with my recommendations of cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15 , specifically in this post I am sharing with you a great squad for Serie A.

Remember that I already uploaded here previously my proposal for Liga BBVA.

The purpose of these posts is to have a competitive team in any division. FUT coins are limited asset so you need to optimize their use when signing the best cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15.

I have included within the list of players the price I paid for them so you can have it as a reference, but bear in mind that prices change significantly from one day to the other.

I usually enter FUT 15 Web App, which can be accessed from here, to buy players, contracts and chemistry cards at the lowest prices in the moments of less activity with few people bidding at auctions.

Cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15

Although, in my opinion, Liga BBVA offers a wider range of players, and generally of higher quality, this Serie A squad is super competitive, it will give you a tremendous defensive intensity and it is also devastating in attack.

Here below I attach my proposal of the best cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15 in Serie A:

De Sanctis (Roma): very safe goalkeeper, air balls, long shots and hand to hand with the striker. You could find some cheaper goalkeepers as Marchetti (Lazio) but I do not recommend him, he has failed with no explanation in several occasions which made me lose the match. Price: 700 coins.

De Sciglio (Milan): fast right back very effective when stopping counter attacks of the opponent. He also has a good ball handling and ability to make good crosses into the area. Price: 750 coins.

Radu (Lazio): there are not many players in Serie A to choose for left back. I chose Radu mainly by discarding the others due to the fact that Ashley Cole and Evra have a substantially higher price.

Radu complies with his duties in defense with acceptable speed, defense and strength rates. The shortage of left backs causes that his price is a bit high. Price: 700 coins.

Juan Jesus (Inter): he is a wall in the center of the defense. He is fast, strong and difficult to overtake. He can miss a bit of class to have the ball played but regarding defense he is one of the best CBs and one of the best cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15. Price: 800 coins.

Manolas (Roma): He has similar features to Juan Jesus, missing class in ball handling but very safe in their defensive tasks; he is tall, fast and strong. In my view it is a bargain for 400 coins and one the best cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15 in Serie A. Price: 400 coins.

Cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15

Medel (Inter): there are many good MCs and MCDs to choose in Serie A so I decided to play with an squad of 3.

Medel is a real pitbull with a great defensive intensity that will make you recover many possessions to start deadly counterattacks. I highlight his 86 Physical Ability. Price: 750 coins.

Nocerino (Torino): the second midfielder, he complements perfectly with Medes, as he has a little less defensive abilities but he has better ball handling to start the offensive movements. Price: 350 coins.

Romulo (Juventus): another great midfielder at a low price to finish with our mid filed wall. Good speed and hard-working especially defensively but offensively acceptable. Price: 350 coins.

Callejón (Napoles): the link between our midfield and the attack. Very fast and with excellent control and ball handling to start counterattacks. He has a more than acceptable shot with right foot although he lacks a good left leg because he has only 2 stars of weak foot. Price: 750 coins.

Giuseppe Rossi (Fiorentina): The player with the highest class of the team and although he is also the most expensive, it is worthy. He has a fantastic shot with left foot and his speed and dribbling makes him a constant threat to opponents. Price: 750 coins.

Rodrigo Palacio (Inter): The killer of the squad, with a little less class than Rossi he is the perfect scorer, very fast and scores in every way. Price: 650 coins.

Total cost of the squad: 6.950 coins.

Cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15

As you can see, this squad is also very inexpensive as my previous proposal of Liga BBVA no matter that Serie A has less variety to choose what sometimes makes player prices increase.

I fully recommend you to save coins for a season in order to try this team, you won´t regret it.

Note that if you are players with previous experience in other editions, you will keep your previous level in Fifa 15 and you will have unlocked certain elements in the Catalogue.

Within the Catalogue section of Ultimate Team you will find rewards of up to 1,000 coins for a number of 5-10 matches which are really welcome.

Have you already tried the best cheap players Ultimate Team Fifa 15 in Serie A? have you found out any other player? Leave your comments!

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