It has been a long time since I last wrote about Fifa 15 career mode, but do not believe I have stopped playing, I have been playing more than usual to write a series of posts with Fifa 15 best young players.

Most of you already know that there are specialized pages on Fifa as sofifa or futhead where you can find several information available about all the players in Fifa such as statistics and their theoretical maximum potential.

These sites are really helpful when choosing players to sign and identifying Fifa 15 best young players.

However, as many of you have already checked, the theoretical maximum potential of the players listed on these sites is not entirely reliable and in many cases real potential is much higher.

My goal in this project has been to identify Fifa 15 best young players, under 23 years old, whose potential exceeds the one informed in these sites and is over or really close to an average of 90.

In each post I will include 2 players trying to cover all positions. I have decided to finish my career modes for these posts on May 31, 2025, when most of Fifa 15 best young players is in their thirties and it is not likely that their potential grow significantly.

These are the first of my Fifa 15 best young players:

Michy Batshuayi:

I could not start this series of posts with a different player, if you are regular reader of my blog you will already know that he is a player that I really like and I consider him one of the best strikers, if not the best, in Fifa 15.

Fifa 15 best young players

When I started my career mode, his theoretical maximum potential in sofifa and futhead was 81. However, futhead has been updated and now appears a potential of 86.

He is 22 years old, 1.85 meters and 3 star skilled.

As you see in the attributes of the image, Batshuayi reaches an average of 92, with very good numbers for speed, ball control, dribbling and 98 long shots, which make him one of the Fifa 15 best young players.

He has also a very good definition, he is a good header and very strong.

In addition, he has a lot of specialities:

Poacher: The Poacher excels in Finishing inside the penalty area both with their feet and their head. They have the ability to turn half chances into goals.

Aerial threat: Whether in defense or attack Aerial Threats dominate in the air. They can jump quite high, head the ball well and are usually very tall.

Dribbler: This player has excellent ball control and is great at getting around defenders. He will also likely have a few tricks up his sleeve and will use them to beat his opponents.

Distance shooter: This player not only has a powerful shot, they are accurate from distance. If you get the ball in open space, don´t be afraid to take a pop at goal.

Acrobat: The Acrobat uses his athletic ability to get to balls that other players won´t get to. This player does many acrobatic clearances and bicycle kicks.

Clinical Finisher: Clinical Finishers have the technique required to be deadly goal scorers from anywhere within 25 yards. They have an eye for the goal, and will make you pay for your mistakes.

Complete Forward: This player is multitalented ans excels in a number of key attacking areas, making him the complete Forward package.

As you can see Michy Batshuayi is a very complete player and a real killer, without a doubt he is one of the Fifa 15 best young players.

José María Gimenez:

Gimenez is another player that has surprised me in Fifa 15, this time in the position of CB. He can also play as Right Back.

 Fifa 15 best young players

He has a potential of 81 in futhead and 85 in sofifa. He is 20 years old, 1.85 meters and 2 star skilled.

As you can see in the picture Gimenez got an average of 89 in my Fifa 15 manager mode, highlighting on his attributes his jumping ability, strength, aggression and interceptions.

In the technical section he has really high values of marking, sliding and stand tackle, shot power and heading accuracy.

Besides tackling is one of his specialities: tacklers have mastered the art of dispossession. They react quickly to the situation to read the dribbler and are able to break up more plays than the average defender.

He is a wall in the center of the defense and one of the Fifa 15 best young players.

Have you already tried these players? leave your comments and help me to maintain the blog clicking in a publicity banner, it helps me a lot. Thanks!!!

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