Some weeks ago, in order to switch off a little from mi dear (sometimes, hated many other times) Ultimate Team I have dedicated some time to the career mode Fifa 14 (update: check here tips for Fifa 15 career mode). In particular I have found manager career mode quite enjoyable due to the fact that it goes much further than just playing matches. In fact, you have the chance of simulate matches and just focus on the other tasks you must perform as a manager.


Tips for career mode Fifa 14

This career mode Fifa 14 consists in managing all the aspects of your team, as it can be negotiating wages, renewing contracts, scouting, and obviously purchasing and selling players. Additionally, it is very really important to keep the moral of the players high by giving them minutes in the matches, they will occasionally request salary increases which are important to attend because on the contrary they could force their exit and sign with other club.

Tips for career mode Fifa 14

Depending on the club you manage you will more or less budget for player signing so on one hand you could sign stars already consolidated (option 1) and on the other hand you could sign young future promises who will grow and will consolidate in your club (option 2).

If you choose option 1 you need to consider the fact that, in addition to the budget available for signings, you also have a maximum salary limit, so you run the risk that just 3 or 4 players can be consuming all the limit and the rest of your squad needs to be much humbler, or even the fact that you do not have enough funds to keep the minimum number of players in your squad, which will suppose your immediate firing.

A very useful tip for career mode Fifa 14 if you have available funds for signing but you are short of salary limit, or the contrary, is that you can move funds from one option to the other in the screen  of Transfers -> Economy.

Tips for career mode Fifa 14

I find more interesting and funnier option 2, signing young players and see how they are improving every match every season, it will be more difficult, at least at the begining, winning matches but it is definitely much more challenging  and all the victories are more gratifying.

You can find below several tips for career mode Fifa 14:

If you choose Option 2, I strongly recommend to invest a part of your available budget for transfers in signing a good talent scout (5 stars) for the Global Transfer Network. In case that when you check the scouts available there is not any of 5 stars, do not sign any, advance the game for a couple of weeks and check again until you find the appropriate. Once signed establish the criteria and basic position of the players you want him to search based on the needs of your club and send him to the different countries.

Tips for Fifa 14 career mode

Players will improve their skills as they are playing matches so you must give minutes to your young promises, in case they do not have a place in your actual team you have the choice of transfer him to another club for a year to get some experience, at the end of the season you have him back.

I do not recommend to simulate matches, based on my experience I can say that the results you obtain when simulating do not go in line with the quality of the teams, so do not expect to win all the matches you simulate even if the opponent is worse than you.

Although you can fix the game difficulty whenever you want, you will notice that career mode Fifa 14 will adapt it automatically depending on your results, in my case after winning every tournament in my first season I found that I could barely score a goal in my second season without changing any parameter of difficulty. Additionally, you will notice that sometimes It is easier beating first level teams than last qualified in the table.

At the end of every season your work as a manager will be evaluated in order to check if you have accomplished the goals established at the beginning of the season, based on that you will be informed if you continua for another season. In case you are having a bad season It is interesting to try to make some new signings in winter. In case you have no budget available you have the chance of requesting additional funds.

Tips for career mode Fifa 14
Look this post if you want to know very interesting young promises at a very low cost and that I recommend you to sign for your team.

Did you find useful these tips for career mode Fifa 14? Check also here for tips for Fifa 15 career mode. Leave your comments!каркасные дома описаниениша для интернет магазинаwhat is google optimizationпродвижение сайтовWSP Italy EOS Riace W454VisionDrive